Dr. Ankur Shah

My inefficiency of handling my own finances and after understanding everything on how to invest my life, medical and other mutual funds investments, MP Financials have become a part of my planned life.

Apurva Gandhi

My busy schedule did not allow me to really understand how mutual funds work and after meeting Mihir and his team, i decided to move all to his company, they are very prompt and they are very efficient.

Amrish Mandlik

Our various businesses and dealings with other countries, as an architect was so busy that I could not focus on my portfolio of investments and all my other insurance requirements since many years have been taken care by MP Financial Services

Vedprakash Naithani

My overall business requirements and total support for marine and other types of insurances were superbly handled by MP Financials and our company has had very excellent support. We are totally dependent on his team.

Avnish Gandhi

My responsibility to settle claims for all customers is the biggest priority for me and for MP Financials.

Hardik Shah

I run a travel company and all my travel insurances are done via MP Financial Services, my customers have had a very satisfying claims settlement services in last years, I strongly recommend their team

Paresh Shah

My 20 Years of experience with MP Financials has been tremendously great in terms of their responsibility, their response, teamwork at MP Financials, they are a remarkable team. Their services are excellent

Dilip Thakkar

My study and research in the market, which made me talk to MP Financials has improved the view of my finances for me and my family. There is no other company in Gujarat, like these guys!

Tushar Parikh

The vision of Mihir and his company has been in their family. They know how to handle all services, as it runs in their family. My association with them has been for the last 3 decades.

Sanjay Naik

I cannot say anything more than what i have experienced in a person like Mihir and his company, i am confident that all his 1000 + clients that MP Financials has in India and Abroad.