Motor insurance coverage


Types of Auto Insurance

1)Car Insurance
This insurance gives coverage against accidental damage or losses to the holder’s vehicle or third party. The amount of premium depends upon the make of the car, manufacturing year, value & state of registration.
2)Two Wheeler Insurance
This type of insurance is for scooters, bikes & features are similar to that of four-wheeler insurance.
3) Comprehensive Coverage
This type of coverage offers complete package policy wherein any damages to the vehicle will be covered up to the Insured Declared Value. Any third party property damage or third party injury/death can be covered. Policyholders feel less stressful as it gives end-to-end coverage.
4) Third Party Liability Coverage
Under the Motor Vehicles Act, third party liability coverage is legally mandatory. This type of auto insurance offers coverage against all legal liabilities to a third party caused when insured vehicle owner is at-fault. It insures injury/damage caused by policyholder to third person/property
5) Collision Coverage
It financially protects the policyholder against damage of insured’s own car. Collision coverage pays the policyholder for damage caused because collision which generally occurs due to an accident.

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